Executive Producer/Founder

BRENDA MANOOKIN is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker. With more that 10 years of photographic and visual experience, Brenda thrives on helping businesses look their best by creating thoughtful and creative visuals for companies. She excels in producing authentic content that connects their audiences to their brands. Brenda is a graduate of Brooks Institute with a degree iget your essay how to write a self reflection papern Visual Journalism, and has received awards from College Photographer of the Year,  the Society of Professional Journalists and is an Eddie Adams Workshop alumni. She has made the Pacific Northwest her home base but loves to explore new places and meeting people along the way.

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Seattle, WA




JEB DRAPER  has been wielding his camera for 15 years and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University. When he’s not working the camera or using his amazing editing skills, Jeb is a musician extraordinaire. His passion for combining music and pictures bleeds into his work with Earthen with some of his music is used in our films.

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Chico, California